About the map of Kamilari

This maps was developed to help with the information about Kamialri village and the surrounding places and toponyms. At the same time is displaying alternative chartographic basemaps of the area that are listed below. 

 Available data

The user can select on or more from the available maps, either from Google, or ESRI’s or Open Street. At the same time there is the ability to add the below map images:

Airphotos 1960

Airphotos  1990

GYS map 1:50.000

GYS map 1:5.000

Comparison of airphotos

Air photos 1960 – 1990

Καμηλάρι 1960 Καμηλάρι 1990

Air photos 1990 – 2020

Καμηλάρι 1990 Καμηλάρι 2020

Kamilari map

South Crete, Greece